Want to get involved?

Our events are full of twists and turns and little jobs that are integral to making a good event. From straight out marshaling to car-parking, from keydrop to marshal welfare, there are all-sorts of ways to get involved......

So What can you expect?

The majority of volunteers will be marshals, After a briefing on the course they will be dispersed around the course to offer Encouragement, Support, Advice and Assistance to the runners, They are also the Eye's, Ears and Voice of the race, Able to point in the right direction and call in the cavalry if required, Upon receiving Last runner call some marshals may also be asked to clear the litter or flagging from their Zone depending on location. Other roles of Volunteers:

  • Carparking assistant
  • Registration assistant
  • Charity donations collection
  • Litter Picking
  • Childrens area supervision
  • Marshal welfare (feed and water the troops)
  • Finish line (timing chip removal)
  • Goodie bags (packing of and handing out)
  • Water Station

What can we offer you?

Well of course it goes without saying you will have a fantastic time, with fantastic people and fabulous views, some of the best seats in the house for watching the course.... But furthermore, you get some great experience, our onsite caterers will feed and water you, you will receive an event Tshirt and a 50%-100% discount (dependent on role and race) redeemable at any future Inspire Races event for yourself or you can pass it on to a friend or family member. On occasion and depending on your role, there may be the opportunity to run the course on the day for free (carparkers, registration, charity collections, warm up crew and first few marshal points if relieved by those who do not wish to run) Register your interest by emailing us your Name, Address, D.O.B, Contact details and area of interest or relevant skills, qualifications or interests to....... info@inspireraces.co.uk and add Volunteer interest in the subject.

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