The Steeplechase Race Numbers

If you have not received an email with your race number on it, please search the list on the left for your name and Race Number.

Please write this number on your conformation email and bring to registration.

Numbers will be up here from the beginning of the week starting the 24th.


In order to assist runners in running an evenly paced race we have prepared pace bands. These show the cumulative (gun) time at the end of each lap, for a range of different finish times.

1. Open the PDF file (click here to download

2. Print* the page containing the pace band you choose.

3. Cut the band as marked.

4. Cover both front and back with sticky tape.

5. Using double-sided tape or glue, stick the band where indicated. You may need to place the band on your wrist before this step. If in doubt, make a practice one before the day of the race.

* - Top tip is to try and use a laser printer, or photocopy of an inkjet printout. Inkjet print may smudge if it becomes wet or sweaty during the race.

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