Virtual Races

Entries are now open for the Virtual Colour5K Enter

The Virtual Colour5k give you an excuse to start the new year running in the most colourful manner anywhere you wish to do it. We suggest the more populated the area better. When we ran the previously there were many cheers from passersby and the thinking of horns.
Commencement Date: 26th December 2017*

Why wait for new year, get going the day straight after Christmas. Once photos and a record of your 5k run are posted on facebook we will send you one of the fantastic colour5k medals.

All profit (the remaining money after the cost of the medal and postage) goes to our chosen charities, the Rainbow Trust and BigC.

Virtual Colour5k

This is our virtual run for all those who love running colour5k's or could not run the colour5k for any reason.

How it works

  • You sign up Enter
  • You run 5k in colourful attire
  • You send proof of running 5k and an image of how colourful you looked when you ran, byemail, by posting on facebook or by post.
  • Video proof is most welcome
  • We then send you out the amazing medal.
  • The run must be completed and proof sent in by the 14th February

More Prizes

There will be colour5K hoodies for the best dressed Male, Female and (boy and girl under 15)

Chosen Charities
Rainbow Trust and BigC
the money raised will be split between these two great charities, who we work closely with on our Colour5k events.

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