6 hrs 

5.27 km course

Complete laps & earn all the medals

2 laps 10.54km

4 laps Half Marathon

8 laps Marathon

10+ laps Ultra

medal chaser



Standard Entry £32

Full refund of ticket entry price if cancelled due to covid-19

All Registration packs posted pre event 



Take up the Medal Chaser challenge in the heart of Essex. Each lap counts as you collect individual medals that fit together to complete a final trophy disc. 


Surrounded by beautiful scenery, this lap course curves through stunning woodland and beautiful Essex countryside with varied landscapes and mix of trails.  Enjoy this traffic-free environment and take in the clean air - this race promises to get you closer to nature! 

A medal will be awarded when you complete each of the following distances 5.27k, 10.54k, half marathon, marathon, ultra. Headphones are allowed. This event will require you to bring fuel and hydration for the duration of the event. Toilets will be supplied! We're working hard to reduce, reuse and recycle.




Laps of 5.27k 1 lap = 5.27k 2 laps = 10.54k 4 laps = 1/2 Marathon 8 laps = Marathon 9+ laps = Ultra


Dairyley Farm, Finchingfield, Braintree CM7 4NL


Toliets. You will need to provide refreshments for the day.


Parking iis free in the site car park.


Transfers can be done through your active account. Transfers are free and need to be completed 5 days prior to race day.
We will have some T-shirts that will be
available for purchase on the day £15.00
If you have purchased a T-shirt online you will
need to collect this on the day. KEY DROP There will be no key drop as advised due to C-19 MEDICS
There will be a professional medical team on site. The medical positions will be
appropriately marked.
A briefing will take place at 9.50am near the start/finish line. All competitors must attend.
Any queries about the event must be raised at this time with the Event Director.

  • This race is organised by WR Events Limited trading, as Inspire Races. None of its staff, sponsors, suppliers or agents will be liable for any injury, loss or expense which may arise as a consequence of your participation in this event.
  • Entry to this race is personal to each applicant and once issued, race numbers may not be sold or transferred unless through the active online registration software. Any runner who passes their race number to another runner is liable for sanctions and any runner who competes while wearing another runner’s race number will be disqualified and is liable for sanctions.
  • Once you have paid for your entry there can be no refund if you are subsequently unable to take part in this race. However, you may defer your place to next year’s race, this needs to be done before 5 days prior to the event, Please contact for more information.
  • We reserve the right to refuse or cancel applications, including duplicate applications, or alter the date of the event, the course route or distance.
  • Entrants to this race undertake not to take part unless they are medically fit to run the distance..
  • All runners are required to complete the contact and medical details on the back of their race number. This is a requirement of participation and may be checked by race officials prior to the start.
  • Race numbers must be pinned securely to the front of your running top using a safety pin in each corner. Timing chips much be secured firmly to the laces of one of your running shoes using the ties provided by us on race day.
  • Race marshals and medical team members have the authority to disqualify and remove any runner they consider to be acting dangerously, or to be unfit to compete.
  • Runners are required to report any casualties immediately to the nearest first aid post or race marshal.
  • In the event of any dispute the decision of the Race Referee shall be final.


Medal Chaser is a 5.27km lapped course running event. The aim of the event is to see how far you can run in 6 hours. The more laps you complete the more medals you will receive. The event is chip timed and therefore this system will count laps. Lap count will be available via the internet. This document will outline the rules and guidance that will need to be followed for everyone to have a fun and safe day.

Race Information

The Race start time is 10am, so please allow plenty of time to get to the venue and to get yourself ready. You will be starting in a rolling start. More information below.

Car Parking

There is lots of car parking available in the assigned fields on site, marshals will be on hand to direct you. There is only one point for entry and exit, so please go slow when entering and follow the marshal’s instructions. Please arrive with plenty of time to spare and we will get you parked as soon as possible.


Toilets will be available near the start area

Lots of space.


If you have paid for your race number and timing tag to be posted out to you, you will receive this by the Wednesday prior to the event. If you have not chosen this option, you will collect it from your designated rest area. This will be designated by a post with your number on at the start area. (Please see attached plan)


Spectators are discouraged from attending due to Covid 19 restrictions.

Rules for the competition.

The event is a 6 hour event. Therefore, only laps completed within the 6 hours will be counted. (There will be a 5 minute grace due to wave starts required because of Covid-19)

The course is as 5.27km and has been measured by GPS. Your final distance will be based on this measurement.

You must complete the correct number of laps to qualify for the medal of that distance.

1 lap – 5k medal

2 laps – 5k + 10k medal

4 laps - 5k + 10K +half medal

8 laps - 5k + 10K + half + full

10 laps - 5k + 10K + half + full = Ultra medal

Only running and walking is permitted, this does not need to be continuous as rests are allowed.


Timing Tag and Race number will be available for collection on the day from your designated rest area

Lap times will be counted every time you cross the timing mat. All rests are counted within your lap time.

The live results will be available at Chiptiming UK. A live link will be posted out prior to the event and QR codes will be available on event day.

The race will start in over a 3 minute period. Three runners will go on the green light.

Medal Collection

As we are trying to minimise touch points and close interactions, medal collection will be based on an honesty policy. We ask that you only collect the medals at the finish line that you have earned.

Covid Secure

. ***PLEASE NOTE: If you or any members of your household have been unwell and displayed any symptoms of Coronavirus in the last 14 days you must not attend the event. The current NHS guidance can be found here -

Every runner will have a designated 2m x 1m space to be used as a rest area. This area can be used for all refreshments/fuel/bags/tents etc. This space will be marked by a post with your number. This area is not a secure area and therefore Inspire Races takes no responsibility for bags left in this area. If you wish to have more space for a small tent or similar, you may find yourself an adequate space in the start field.

Always try and keep two metres from others.

Masks must be worn when not involved in the activity.

Run with consideration of others allowing easy and spacious overtaking.

No swopping of race numbers will be allowed. Due to track and trace, the runner we have registered must be the runner that takes part.

Medals can be collected at the finish. All medals will be placed on tables by marshal wearing gloves. Tables will be wiped down regularly.

All rubbish must go in the bins supplied.


Your rest area will be the area in which you can keep your fuel and hydration supplies.

Inspire Races will not be suppling any water or food for competitors during the event.

No catering will be onsite. To help us ensure that this is a Covid secure event, please do not share food.


Please ensure you have signed the waiver in your active account for this event


Spains Hall Estate, Dairyley Farm, Finchingfield, Braintree, Essex, CM7 4NL

Running surface

The running route is a mix of hard trail, grass fields and woodland. There are also some short sections that could become muddy if there is rain before the event.

PRIZES We will have no prizes as we areadvised not to have presentationsdue to C-19 restrictions

Will not be available due to C-19 restrictions
If after reading this information you have any queries prior to the day of
the event, please email info
If you have any queries on the day of the event, please speak to a member of the
Inspire Races Team who will be located at Event Registration.
For up to date details of this event and many more follow us on social media; Facebook,









What’s the last date for entries?

The last date for entries is the Friday before the event.

How do I get my Race number?

Please bring your entry confirmation email.You will collect your race number on the day at registration.

I am ill injured or unable to run, what can I do?

You can defer your entry to any other Inspire Races event of a similar price. Please email with the race details you would like to defer to.

Can I swap my place with a friend?

You can transfer your place up to two weeks prior to the event.

Do you have a waiting list?


Can I wear earphones or use an ipod?

You can wear headphones to any event that does not use public roads.

How do I enter a Corporate Team?

Please contact to arrange a group discount booking.

Is there a cut-off time for your events?

We do not have cut off times.

How do I enter Inspire races events?

Enter via the links on the Inspire Races website.

What is the last date for deferrals and category transfers?

Deferrals and category changes can be done up to two weeks prior to the event.

Where do I pick up my t-shirt?

T-shirts are collected from the shop at registration.

Where can I put my bag and/or clothing I don’t want during the race?

There is a bag drop available at all Inspire Races events.

What time does my Race start?

Please visit the event website page to review the race schedule for up-to-date information.

What time do I need to get there?

Please get there one hour before race start time.

Are there any refreshments?

Refreshments will be available on the day from the catering facilities.

Where are the drinks stations?

Drink stations are every 5k.

Where can I collect my race pack?

Race packs to be collected from race registration on the day.

Are there any entries on the day?

Entries will be available on the day at an increased price if there is availability. Please check the website to see if event is sold out.

What happens if I arrive late and miss the start of the race?

As long as you are not later than 15minutes, we will let you run.

Where is the Chip in the Race Pack?

The timing tag is in the race pack. This will need to go on your shoe or it will already be attached to your bib.

Is parking available near the start?

Parking is available near the start.

Where should I go when I arrive?

Go registration pick up your race pack, you are then ready to run.

Do you have a bag drop area?

Yes, bag-drop will be situated near registration.

Do I get a medal?

Yes, you will get a medal.

Can I park nearby?

Yes, you can.

Will there be an award ceremony?

Yes, once the results have come in.