This events date has changed due to COVID 19 restrictions - please note it will take place on a Wednesday evening



SRT 5K/10K

new date

wed April 28th 2021


5K UKA affiliated £15 

5K non-affiliated £17

10K UKA affiliated £20.50

10K non-affiliated £22.50 

Full refund of ticket entry price

if cancelled due to covid-19 

SRT 5K & 10K


All Snetterton Race Track (SRT) events take place on the iconic race track itself. The course is flat, smooth and very fast, so there's a fantastic opportunity for a personal best. Runners have exclusive use of the entire tarmac track for the day with access to the onsite showers, toilets, changing rooms, and cafe.


We have live musicians and bands bashing out great tunes throughout the course, creating an uplifting atmosphere and the runs are 100% traffic free, so you can bring your own music if you like, as headphones are allowed. Each course is accurately measured and holds a UKA Licence. The race timing is provided by ChipTimingUK who offer live results and split times. 


The race track is 5k long, so you can choose to run 2 laps for the 10k or 1 lap for the 5k. You can either enjoy the live music on the course or your own running tunes from your headphones as you belt around this iconic race track. There will be a medal, drink and food waiting for you at the finish line. For 2018 buggies are allowed on the 5k.







The circuit is 10 miles north-east of Thetford on the A11 from London to Norwich.
Snetterton Circuit, Norwich, Norfolk, NR16 2JU Map


REFRESHMENTS The Tyrells restaurant will be open to provide take away. STORAGE OF VALUABLES There will be no bag drop this year due to covid-19. TOILETS There will be toilet facilities available for runners Please respect the venue
and its land. Use the toilets and put all rubbish in the bins provided or take it home.
We also have toilets on the course, these are located at the bombhole grandstand.
Approximately 1.5 mile after the start.


The Car Park is free. Please follow the entry road and then turn into parking areas after the

There is lots of car parking available in the assigned fields on site, marshals will be on hand
to direct you. Please go slow when entering the car park and follow the marshal’s instructions. Please arrive with plenty of time to spare and we will get you parked as soon as possible. There is a small walk to registration, this is approximately 600m.
There will be parking near to registration for disabled badge holders.


REGISTRATION ON THE DAY + CHIP TIMING You will have received confirmation of your entry by email, once you have completed the
online form and paid the necessary fee, on validation your name will appear on the Race
Entry List on the online registration form. You can transfer your place to another runner using your active account before December 31st. This can be one at
All timing race packs will now be posted out. You should expect to recieve your race pack before friday 23rd April 2021.
The timing chip will be attached to your race number. Please do not bend your bib number.
No Chip, No Time. The 10k start is through the gates near the cafe. The 5k start is at the top of the pit lane and will be accessed by the gate behind the garages at the top of the arena. Warming up is not allowed on the track. There is plenty of good flat tarmac in other open
spaces around the venue. WHAT TO BRING

  • A warm change of clothes for the journey home
  • Money for refreshments
  • Water (water will not be supplied)
  • Grit and determination
  • Sense of Humour.
Unfortunately spectators can not attend in 2021 due to the corona virus. CHARITY
Inspire Races is supporting the following: The Big C charity Norfolk’s
We strongly advise that you arrive at the event in your running kit as there are limited
changing facilities, you’ll need to bring warm dry clothing to change into after the race.
Showers are not available at the event.
We advise you to wear appropriate running attire. RACE NUMBERS
Race numbers must be worn on the front of the vest/shirt. The numbers must not be bent or
mutilated. Runner information must be completed on the reverse of the bib number. T-SHIRT PICK UP
If you have ordered a T-shirt, these will be posted out to you. SAFETY
We take necessary and practical steps to ensure your safety on our courses. There are a
number of medically trained personnel around the course including the professional medical
staff. If you feel unwell or notice anyone struggling at any time during the event, please
speak to a marshal. MEDICAL SUPPORT
Professional medical staff will be present at the Finish area and at various points around the
track. The medical centre is near Tyrells restaurant. WATER
There will be no water stations available in 2021. Please bring your own water. RESULTS
We use a timing tag that will be attached to your race number. Please do not bend this tag. Results will be live via PRIZES There will be no prize presentation this year. Prizes will be posted to the top 3 male and female and the top 1 in age category. RULES
The race will follow UKA rules
Our rules can be found at our website. RACE PHOTGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY
a professional photographer will not be employed this year due to covid-19


Race Rules – Snetterton Race Track 10k and 5k 1. This race is organised by WR Events Limited trading, as Inspire Races. None of its staff, sponsors, suppliers or agents will be liable for any injury, loss or expense which may arise as a consequence of your participation in this event. 2. A condition of entry is that you agree to abide by these Race Rules and the Rules of Competition as laid down by UK Athletics. 3. Entrants for this event must be aged 11 years or older for the 5k and 15 years or older for the 10k, on race day. 4. Entry to this race is personal to each applicant and once issued, race numbers may not be sold or transferred unless through the active online registration software. Any runner who passes their race number to another runner is liable for sanctions and any runner who competes while wearing another runner’s race number will be disqualified and is liable for sanctions. 5. Once you have paid for your entry there can be no refund, (refunds are in place if canceled due to covid-19). if you are subsequently unable to take part in this race. However, you may defer your place to next year’s race, this needs to be done 1 week before race day, Please contact for more information. 6. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel applications, including duplicate applications, or alter the date of the event, the course route or distance. 7. Entrants to this race undertake not to take part unless they are medically fit to run a 5k or 10k, dependent on the race entered. 8. All runners are required to complete the contact and medical details on the back of their race number. This is a requirement of participation and may be checked by race officials prior to the start. 9. Race numbers must be pinned securely to the front of your running top using a safety pin in each corner. Timing chips much be secured firmly to the laces of one of your running shoes using the ties provided by us on race day. 10. No wheeled vehicles (except wheelchairs), or following cycles are permitted. 11. As the 10k is a 2-lap race, slower runners are required to stay on the kerb once the faster runners and wheelchair athletes start to overtake. 12. Any belongings left in the baggage area are stored at the owner’s risk. 13. Race marshals and medical team members have the authority to disqualify and remove any runner they consider to be acting dangerously, or to be unfit to compete. 14. Runners are required to report any casualties immediately to the nearest first aid post or race marshal. 15. Individual prizes will be awarded as listed on the website 16. In the event of any dispute the decision of the Race Referee shall be final.


With exclusive use of the site, we will be offering a safely adapted event experience with a reduced capacity.

We are carefully revising detailed event plans – from getting there to going home. We know we have plenty of space and a nice wide track. Therefore, if we all follow the guidelines, we should have a fun safe event.

How do we get into the venue?

On arrival, please stop at the booths at end of the main drive in and present your active/Snetterton Racetrack confirmation and QR Code. Everyone in the car must have one of these to get into the venue. If you are a guardian or helper of a competitor, you will need to register as a guardian/helper here. This is for the purposes of track and trace.

Will there be a mass start?

Not in its usual sense. There will be a few smaller socially distanced wave starts.

Will there be a need to wear masks?

Masks will always be required to be worn until you enter onto the track to start your race. Bins will be available here to discard masks.

How will the waves be allocated?

Waves will be allocated based on pace; runners are required to submit an estimated finish time when entering online and will be grouped according to pace. Runners are advised not to make any assumptions or travel plans until the schedule is communicated early April.

What do I do if I want to run with someone in particular?

If you expect to run with a friend and/or family members, please ensure you submit the same expected finish time(s) and that you always maintain appropriate distancing, both in accordance with current guidelines and in a way that doesn't inhibit the ability of other runners to do the same.

Can I enter on the day?

Entries close at 07:00 on the 24th of April- ‪no late entries or on the day entries will be available.

What happens when I arrive?

Once you have arrived you will be checked in at the booths before parking. Ensure everyone has a valid Confirmation QR code, this is on your confirmation email.

If you have requested to receive your pack in the mail, this will be with the Tuesday before the event. If you have not received your bib number by this date, please email,

You will need to arrive ready to run with your race number fastened to the front of your top using the safety pins provided; your number should always be visible.

Your race will be timed, and the chip attached to the back of your number should not be removed or bent.

If you need to collect your number please present yourself to one of the garages, ensure you have your confirmation email with you.

Where do I park?

There are designated race carparks at the venue - parking will be between 5 minute walk from the race start area.

Do I collect my pack on the day?

All race packs will be posted out. Please go through the race gates to wards the start line at the appropriate time. Please arrive ready to run with your race number fastened to the front of your top, your number should be always visible. Your race will be timed, and the chip attached to the back of your number should not be removed.

Will there be sanitisation points available?

Yes, sanitisation points will be located frequently along the one way system to the start line.

Is there a bag drop facility?

Bag drop will not be provided due to the event trying to minimize contact where possible, please arrive ready to run. Any personal items not required during the event should be left at home, in your vehicle.

Plans for critical items needed immediately before the start or at the finish will be communicated on the 15th of April.

What if I do not receive my pack in time?

If you have requested to receive your pack in the mail, this will be with the Tuesday before the event. If you have not received your bib number by this date, please email, Allowing us time to make up a new race pack.

What if I need help on the day?

Once you have arrived you will enter a socially distanced one-way system taking you via enquiries where a member of the race day team will be able to help you.

If it is possible to resolve prior to race day, please email

Will I be able to socially distance during the race?

The entirety of the route follows the wide Silverstone circuit, starting grids, pit lanes and the surrounding service road with plenty of space available. This, and the spread out release of runners over the start line, means there will be more than enough capacity for runners to move at a safe distance from one another, with room for any overtaking.

Will I be able to overtake along the route?

Yes. The entirety of the route follows the wide snetterton circuit and the surrounding service roads with plenty of space available. This, and the spread out release of runners over the start line, means there will be more than enough capacity for runners to move at a safe distance from one another, with room for any overtaking.

Will there be water stations along the route?

To ensure the event is contact-free please be self-sufficient and bring what you will need to refuel and hydrate along the route. Self-serve grab-and-go water stations with a limited supply of sealed bottles of water will be on the route if required for essential needs.

Are spectators allowed?

Spectators are not allowed this year due to the strict guidance that Snetterton Race Circuit follows regarding these events during this time.

I have a junior running.

You are allowed to accompany a junior if you are their guardian. You will need to register here.

Do I still get a medal with COVID-safe, contact-free measures in place?

Yes, once you have crossed the finish line you will have a moment to recover before joining the one-way reward lane to pick up your medal.













18:33  1ST WAVE STARTS - 






How accurate are the COVID-19 tests you use?

We use the most accurate tests available on the market. They are manufactured by internationally known, high quality laboratory companies. The PCR test for the virus has sensitivity and specificity in the 99% range. The serum IgG test manufactured by Abbott, when performed at least two weeks after a patient has first exhibited symptoms, has sensitivity of 100% and specificity of 99.5% For more information, read this article about Abbott’s antibody test

Who produces your COVID-19 infection and antibody tests?

Thermo-fisher produces our COVID-19 PCR test and Abbott produces the antibody test. Both are authorized by the FDA and also by European labs.

I heard about the FDA's concerns about Abbott’s instant coronavirus test. Do you use this test?

COVID-19 testing performed at WHG does not use Abbott's "instant" coronavirus detection test. We utilize Abbott's proven and reliable serum IgG blood test for antibody testing only, which is a different test and method for detection altogether than the rapid test by Abbott recently scrutinized in the media.

Does the COVID-19 antibody test detect 2 or 3 antibodies?

The test we are using is manufactured by Abbott and is the most accurate test currently on the market with the highest rates of sensitivity and specificity. The test is for the presence of IgG antibodies. These are the antibodies that are formed 7-14 days after becoming exposed or infected and which might indicate immunity in some way.

Does insurance cover the COVID-19 antibody test?


If I’m feeling well, should I still get tested?

You should consider testing for the virus if: You were exposed to someone with known COVID 19 You were exposed to someone with symptoms consistent with COVID 19 but who did not get tested You are concerned you may have unknowingly been exposed and want to make sure you are not carrying the virus and are asymptomatic (up to 60% of cases) You have symptoms consistent with COVID 19. You should consider testing for the Antibody if: You were sick with symptoms consistent with COVID 19 and want to know if you had it You want to know if you have antibodies as they may be protective for future risk You want to return to work and want to know if you have had the virus already

What are the benefits to getting the COVID-19 antibody test if you have not had any symptoms?

Many cases of COVID-19 virus infection are asymptomatic so it is possible you may have had an infection and already have antibodies to protect you from further infection. Although research is still being done on COVID-19 infection, in general, when people have positive antibodies they are either immune or much less likely to become infected.

Should I get re-tested before I go back to work in two weeks?

It is currently unclear whether sequential testing or repeated testing is necessary. If you are asymptomatic and test negative for both antibody and the virus, then there is probably no need for antibody testing in another 2 weeks. Current Guidance from the Centers for Disease Control is still unclear. In theory, you could be exposed right after testing. Most laboratories recommend testing every 9 – 14 days if the antibody was not present in the blood when tested due to a delay from the time of exposure to the seroconversion of the antibody that can be detected in the blood test. This seroconversion can to take anywhere from 2 – 14 days. Unfortunately, there could be exposure in the weeks after testing. Another unknown is how long the antibodies last. Because there is little information with this new virus, if you have antibodies to the virus, we can’t yet guarantee that you won’t get it again. That is why social distancing, hand washing, and face coverings are so important regardless of your test results.

My family member tested positive for COVID-19 and is recovering now. Would these tests benefit him or her?

Once someone has tested positive, then the antibody test will give information that he or she is likely to be resistant to further re-infection. However, we are still researching this. This is the person who is least likely to need either test.





5K UKA affiliated £14 

5K non-affiliated £16

10K UKA affiliated £19

10K non-affiliated £21 

Price Increase 12th Nov 2020

5K UKA affiliated £15.00 

5K non-affiliated £17.00

10K UKA affiliated £20.50

10K non-affiliated £22.50


5K + 10K UKA affiliated £29.50 

5K + 10k non-affiliated £33.50

Price increase 12th Nov 2020

Full refund of ticket entry price

if cancelled due to covid-19 





Full Licence for 2021






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