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Challenge yourself this winter and join runners who are leaving the tarmac and traffic behind and hitting the beautiful trails of Thetford Forest. The 10km run takes them through the forest, along winding trails on great quality tracks. This atmospheric location, with its tall pines, brings each runner a little closer to nature.  There's also a chance to share the experience with your canine friend; the 10km Canicross starts after the main race. 


The race starts and finishes at High Lodge, which is a recreational site set in the heart of Thetford Forest offering extensive play areas, walking and cycling trails. There's a café, bike hire, as well as additional attractions for the whole family to enjoy. 


If you're a park runner, these runs are the perfect way to challenge yourself. Chip timing and 5km split results are provided for each event so that runners can monitor their improvement across each race. Headphones are allowed.


We're working hard to reduce, reuse and recycle so please help us keep this event plastic-free!

Individual entry fee: £21

Venue:Thetford Forest, High Lodge, Brandon IP27 0AF




SITE MAP This 10km race is a 1 lap race around the designated course within Thetford Forest. The route starts in a neighboring field to the High Lodge area. It then follows solid fire lanes for the majority of the 10km finishing back in the start field. The course will be well signed we highly visible arrows and marshalled. The race map will be available from the Inspire Races website two weeks prior to the race. This is a trail event and as such the terrain will be uneven, and could contain hazards such as tree roots, fallen branches etc.


High Lodge, Thetford Forest, Brandon Sat Nav Postcode: IP27 0AF Venue Map


Toliets, water stations, food & drink stalls. Check out the fantastic venue, High Lodge, it's perfect for the whole family.


Parking including the site entrance fee to High Lodge will cost £3.00 maximum all day per car. The car park code will be avilable nearer the event


EVENT REGISTRATION This will now be in the Rabbit field (please see map in location). At registration you will be issued with your race number and timing tag. Please bring safety pins. Your race number must be displayed clearly on your front for the duration of the race. Your timing tag must be secured to the top of your shoe using the twist ties provided. Please make sure before attending registration that your dog’s harness and other equipment conforms to the rules listed below. Without suitable equipment you will not be allowed to race. Details of an on-call vet will be displayed at registration. These details will include name, phone number, address, postcode and directions from the race venue. Competitors should familiarise themselves with this information on arrival at the event. EVENT TIMINGS Canicross 10K will be: 08.30 Registration Opens 09.20 Registration Closes 09.30 Race Starts The CaniCross race briefing will be sent via email prior to the event.
TRANSFERS Transfers can be done through your active account at Transfers are free and need to be completed 5 days prior to race day
MERCHADISE Tee Shirts can be bought through your active account at This needs to be completed 20 days prior to race day. T-Shirts need to be collected on Race Day. KEY DROP
We will provide a key drop at registration. Your car should be parked near-by, so we
suggest your bags get left in your car. If you have nowhere else to leave your bag it can be
left at the Key Drop.
MEDICS There will be a professional medical team on site to deal with human issues.
EVENT BREIFING Race safety Briefing is included below. Therefore, if you have read this you do not need to attend the safety briefing. A briefing will take place at 11:00 near the start/finish line. All competitors must attend. Any queries about the event must be raised at this time with the Event Director. We politely ask that your dog does not attend the race briefing. This is to allow all competitors to clearly hear the entire briefing.
DOGS & EQUIPMENT - these rules are especially important for the welfare ofall competing at this event. Please read carefully and make sure you attend with allthe necessary and appropriate equipment. Competitors may race with one or two dogs. Competing with more than two dogs will not beallowed. Dogs must be on the lead at all times, prior to, during and after the event. They must wear asuitable harness and be attached to their handler by a line containing some bungee to actas a shock absorber. The line must not be longer than 2 metres when fully extended andmust be attached to an appropriate canicross belt worn by the handler. No head collars, choke chains or flexi leads are permitted. Muzzles may be used but they must be the open, basket type, through which dogs candrink and take treats. For those with dogs who are worried by other dogs we will be operating a ‘Yellow Dog’scheme, i.e. we ask those with such dogs to wear a yellow ribbon/armband to warn othersand therefore ensure they are given the space they need. This is especially important at the start of the race when adrenalin is running high. We ask owners of such dogs to supply thenecessary armband themselves and to wear from arrival at the event site until leaving. Dogs must be a minimum of 12 months old on event day. Runners are not allowed to wear shoes that could be dangerous for dogs. Shoes with metalspikes are strictly forbidden. Bitches that are pregnant, nursing or in season will not be allowed to race. Please ensure your dog is fit and healthy & if in doubt consult your vet. If your dog iscoughing, unwell or has recently been in contact with an infectious disease then please donot bring them to the event. Any dog(s) deemed unfit to race by Race Officials must bewithdrawn from competition. Whilst we are unlikely to encounter a heat wave in Winter the temperature is an important consideration for the welfare of your dog. Handlers must allow their dog to adapt to their pace, to drink at the water points and to use the water points to cool down.The rightful owner of the dog is required to have liability insurance (or family insurance) forany damages that their dog may commit. The rightful owner of a dog is the person namedas such in the dog’s vaccination book and/or official paperwork. The rightful owner mustensure that the animal is owned (cared for) in accordance with the law. If you borrow a dog to race with you should be familiar with each other, have trainedtogether prior to the race and you should be aware of the dogs behaviour in a raceenvironment. You will not be permitted to race with a borrowed dog that you have only justmet. It is your responsibility to make sure the dog has adequate insurance and of courseyou will require the permission of the owner. EVENT DETAILS These rules and details are especially important for the welfare ofall competing at this event. Please ensure you read carefully and make sure you attend with all the necessary and appropriate equipment. This 10km race is a 1 lap race around Thetford Forest. Minimum age 14 years The route starts in a neighboring field to the High Lodge area. It then follows solid fire lanesfor the majority of the 10km finishing back in the start field. The course will be well signedwe highly visible arrows and marshalled. The race map will be available from the Inspire Races website two weeks prior to the race. This is a trail event and as such the terrain willbe uneven, and could contain hazards such as tree roots, fallen branches etc. The route isall on forestry commission land and we therefore require you clear up behind your dog when racing and refrain from dropping any litter.There will be water stations at approximately 5km and at the finish for both yourself and your dog however we would like to remind you that you are ultimately responsible for providing sufficient water for yourself and your dog to complete the course. You must display your race number on your front and shout it out, if asked. Please make sure you are prepared for the weather. All finishers will receive a medal. We may record your race number at various points along the route so please keep it visibleon your front and shout it out if asked. Marshals will be situated along the route and will summon first aid if required. Please let a marshal or race official know if you decide to withdraw from the event at any point after registering on the day. If your dog becomes unfit or refuses to advance for any reason you must withdraw from the race and inform the closest marshal that your dog is in need of urgent attention. Also, if you spot another competitor or dog in distress please remember that you have aduty to assist, if it is safe and reasonable to do so. Please treat all marshals, race officials, organisers, volunteers, other competitors & their dogs with respect and follow their instructions. Competitors must do their utmost to ensure that their dogs do not interfere with other competitors or their dogs. If a Race Official or Marshal determines that a handler’s conductat any time is detrimental to the sport/race they shall be disqualified. This includes immediately before, during and after the event. Abuse of dogs, both physical and verbal is prohibited. If a handler, in the opinion of a Race Marshal or Official abuses a dog, that runner will be disqualified. When overtaking please shout to warn the runner in front of your intentions, stating which side you intend to pass. The competitor who is being overtaken must make sure their dogs are to one side of the track and do not interfere with the runner going past. If your dog is worried by other dogs please allow plenty of space for them. This is especially important at the start of the race, to alleviate any undue stress. Spectators are welcome. High Lodge is a family venue and therefore there are many activities to keep you interested for the day. RESULTS
Full results will available at shortly after the event and will be
published on the event website as soon as possible following the event. PRIZES
Presentation of prizes will take place near the start area as soon as possible
following the top three male and female crossing the line. As prizes will not
be posted following the event, please ensure that you stay for the presentations or ask a
friend to collect any prizes for you.
Trophies will be awarded to the first three males and the first three females overall. PHOTOGRAPHY
Above Air Media will be taking official photographs. These will be available to view via the
Inspire Races Facebook site. Higher quality images will be available to purchase after the
If after reading this information you have any queries prior to the day of
the event, please email
If you have any queries on the day of the event, please speak to a member of the
Inspire Races Team who will be located at Event Registration.
For up to date details of this event and many more follow us on social media; Facebook,








What’s the last date for entries?

The last date for entries is the Friday before the event.

How do I get my Race number?

Please bring your entry confirmation email.You will collect your race number on the day at registration.

I am ill injured or unable to run, what can I do?

You can defer your entry to any other Inspire Races event of a similar price. Please email with the race details you would like to defer to.

Can I swap my place with a friend?

You can transfer your place up to two weeks prior to the event. Please log into your active account at and use the transfer function. The new participant will pay the full amount. You will then receive an email.

Do you have a waiting list?


Can I wear earphones or use an ipod?

You can wear headphones to any event that does not use public roads.

How do I enter a Corporate Team?

Please contact to arrange a group discount booking.

Is there a cut-off time for your events?

We do not have cut off times.

How do I enter Inspire races events?

Enter via the links on the Inspire Races website.

What is the last date for deferrals and category transfers?

Deferrals and category changes can be done up to two weeks prior to the event.

Where do I pick up my t-shirt?

T-shirts are collected from the shop at registration.

Where can I put my bag and/or clothing I don’t want during the race?

There is a bag drop available at all Inspire Races events.

What time does my Race start?

Please visit the event website page to review the race schedule for up-to-date information.

What time do I need to get there?

Please get there one hour before race start time.

Are there any refreshments?

Refreshments will be available on the day from the catering facilities.

Where are the drinks stations?

Drink stations are every 5k.

Where can I collect my race pack?

Race packs to be collected from race registration on the day.

Are there any entries on the day?

Entries will be available on the day at an increased price if there is availability. Please check the website to see if event is sold out.

What happens if I arrive late and miss the start of the race?

As long as you are not later than 15minutes, we will let you run.

Where is the Chip in the Race Pack?

The timing tag is in the race pack. This will need to go on your shoe or it will already be attached to your bib.

Is parking available near the start?

Parking is available near the start.

Where should I go when I arrive?

Go registration pick up your race pack, you are then ready to run.

Do you have a bag drop area?

Yes, bag-drop will be situated near registration.

Do I get a medal?

Yes, you will get a medal.

Can I park nearby?

Yes, you can.

Will there be an award ceremony?

Yes, once the results have come in. Top 3 male and Female in the 10k Top 1 male and female in the Cani-cross 10k

Can I run with two dogs?

Yes you can. You start in the early waves